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FFL Transfer Terms and Conditions

FFL TRANSFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS Shipping an inbound firearm to Cherokee Tactical, dropping a firearm off for outbound shipping to another FFL Dealer or use of any of our FFL transfer services shall constitute complete acceptance and legally binding agreement to all terms and conditions listed on this page.  Prospective FFL Transfer customers must read and agree to the following FFL Transfer Terms and Conditions. These apply to all FFL services that we offer.  FEES: Cherokee Tactical charges a fee for each of their FFL Transfer Services. Refer to the list below for transfer fees.      1) Inbound FFL Transfer Service- $20 for the first firearm, then $5 per each additional up to 3 total.      2) Private Party FFL transfer service-...  Read More

How to Legally buy a Gun Online

Buying a gun online is a simple, private, and legal way to make your next gun purchase. And no, online firearm purchases are not some sort of "loophole" for criminals. On the contrary, online firearm purchases are completely legal under Federal law and the entire process follows strict Federal laws.  Cherokee Tactical is just one of hundreds of reputable firearm retailers (FFL Dealers). The process is the same no matter which online retailer you purchase from.  Cherokee Tactical is a licensed FFL dealer in Jacksonville, Texas and offers FFL transfer services for online gun purchases, local transfers, private party transfers, GunBroker or other firearm auction transfers, and provide background checks in the Jacksonville, Texas area.  ...  Read More

I've got my LTC, how often should I shoot?

I have my license to carry, how often should I shoot?  So you recently  went through the 4 hour online training course, and you shot your 100 rounds in your hands on class, and now you have your license to carry. Or maybe you're one of those old salty dogs that got your concealed carry license back when it was cool, and you sat through a 13 hour Saturday class, and you've been carrying for years, feeling a little superior to these newbies.  Whichever of those two classes you fall in to, how often do you shoot? Most, and not all, but most people that get their carry license will finish the class, get the license and never shoot again. Then you have others that will shoot, maybe once or twice a year. And then you have the select few,...  Read More